It makes sense that fixing ED would have a positive effect on one’s marriage or other romantic relationships, yet there are still millions upon millions of men around the world who are not being proactive about solving this problem and this is something that I see as being a problem in itself.

Now for starters I should say that the point of this post is not to tell you HOW to fix erectile issues, but rather to provide insight on how fixing your ED can help you to begin improving your overall intimate relationship and get more satisfaction from it. That said, before we begin I want to say a few words on how to go about fixing this issue if it is indeed an issue for you. First, talk to your doctor. This blog doesn’t give medical advice of any kind and nothing you read here should be taken as medical advice. The place to get medical advice is from your doctor. So go talk to him and her. Don’t be embarrassed either – doctors are used to helping people with very personal health problems and will be happy to assist you without judgement. If you are somebody who likes to use holistic treatments when possible then this is another thing that you can discuss with a doctor. There are many herbal treatments for ED out there like 5G Male from the Superhuman Man company that use traditional ingredients to help improve blood flow throughout the body. So if you are into natural health products then do some research and then discuss your findings with your doc. As an aside, there is another product – Oceans Alive that I’ve been recommending to everyone I know as way to get many important nutrients that are often missing from the modern diet. Again, this is something to discuss with a doctor before getting into as I don’t know anything about your health and am not in a position to advise you. All I’m saying is that I think this is product worth looking into on your own time. For more info here’s a youtube video on it: Now lets get back to the main subject!

Obviously physical intimacy is a big part of most romantic relationships, at first. However, as time goes on many couples begin to drift apart physically. The frequency of their intercourse slows down and the nature of the relationship changes. This is not always the case, but generally speaking most couples slow down at least a little bit after the first 6 months to 2 years, a period often called the “honeymoon” of the relationship.

This slowing down isn’t necessarily a big deal, or even a problem at all so long as both parties are content and feel that their needs are being met adequately. The problems begin to occur when one party, in this case the woman, is not having her intimate needs fulfilled. As you can probably imagine this occurs frequently when the male partner suffers from ED. In these cases a the man’s inability to perform can leave his wife feeling physically neglected and this can lead to some bad outcomes.

Often it is not so much the lack of relations that damages the relationship but the resulting lack of closeness, emotional intimacy, and communication. Feelings of inadequacy and helplessness can rear their ugly heads leading men suffering from ED to withdraw further and express these negative emotions in ways that only make the relationship worse.

The only solution I see is through honest communication. What I mean is this – talk about the problem. Accept that it is a problem and then commit yourself to fixing the problem to the best of your ability, not just for yourself and your own pleasure but also for the health of your relationship, which I hope is a big enough priority for you to be willing to take action!

Next, go an communicate with a health professional and look into the myriad of options that are available to you. Don’t just sit there. As far as I know this is not the kind of problem that can ever really fix itself without proactive intervention.

Trust me, when you fix this issue (assuming that you will be able to fix it) you will be overjoyed. The closeness and pleasure that you will be able to feel when you reconnect physically is something you do not want to miss out on. And if your relationship is in a bad place then this might be just hat you need to get back to a happy and connected relationship.